Product Review by Anthony Wood

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"When it comes to sunglasses whether it is for fishing, driving or just walking, I have always gone for the wrap around ‘terminator’ style of glasses. Recently I fancied a change and decided that I wouldn’t rule any style out as long as they were polarised.

I started to have a look around and as always the £300+ Oakleys, etc pop up, now I’m sure these are fantastic glasses and well worth the money but… I’m a tight git and won’t pay that much money for a pair of sunglasses.

Now I’ve had a few pairs of cheaper sunglasses that have been adequate enough to do the job but the frames have let them down being built of cheaper materials and quite uncomfy.

I started looking at sunglasses around the £50-£100 range as I thought I would get slightly better than I normally do when I caught a glimpse of some interesting looking glasses with a price tag of $29.99 (approximately £20).

As previously mentioned I normally only go for ‘terminator’ style glasses but there was just something about these glasses that I liked. I took the plunge and got in touch with the company to see if I could get some sent to the UK.

Two weeks later and I’m holding a pair of BlobFish sunglasses. Okay so the main question is did they suit me, I asked the person who is brutally honest about my dress sense… My wife!!

My wife’s response of “they look so much better than your usual style” answers the question of whether they look good or not with no room for misunderstanding :-)

Okay so they suit me but are they any good? I have to say I am extremely surprised that a pair of sunglasses with a price tag of approx £20 can be as good as these are.

The feel of the frame is fantastic and you can tell despite the price they are well built, the lenses are again surprisingly good quality and the polarised function works extremely well (I can see through the water better than any other pair I’ve used).

So if your looking for a reasonably priced pair of polarised sunglasses, I highly recommend having a look at these."

Thanks to Anthony Wood for writing this review, check out his blog:  for some more reads and keep on Blobin'!