Introducing Alex Parkos!

Alex ParkosOur interview with Pro team Fisherman, Alex Parkos
  1. What kind of fishing do I specialize in? Bass Fishing.
  2. When was the first time I went fishing? When I was two years old I started fishing with my dad.
  3. Favorite Fishing Spot? Well my lake to fish at is Big Turtle in Bemidji, Minnesota. I usually hit the lily pads and reeds pretty hard.
  4. Biggest Fish I ever caught? 15 pound flathead catfish on the Mississippi River.
  5. Why are polarized sunglasses necessary for fishing? Well for me it cuts the glare from the sun on the water and I can see what's in the water. And secondly eye protection from the sun, and just in case a lure comes flying back at you
  6. What do I love about BlobFish Shades? Well first the price, these sunglasses are so affordable to everyone, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a great pair of sunglasses when you can get a pair of BlobFish Sunglasses for $30. I also love the look, these shades are pretty amazing.
  7. What species do I fish for the most? Large and smallmouth Bass
  8. Other hobbies besides fishing? Cooking, hunting, ATVing, golfing, eating.
  9. What other Sponsors do I have? McCoy Fishing Line, Shallowbranch Custom
  10. Rods, Fishin' Militia Apparel, Drophook Fishing App
  11. Anyone I'd like to give a shout out to?
  12. If I had to be one fish what would I be ? A walleye.