Introducing Josh Morris!

1.  What Kind of fishing do I specialize in?  

I am a tournament bass angler.  I fish for mainly large mouth bass however I will fish for anything that swims.  The other fish I mainly chase are crappie.


2. When was the first time I went fishing?  

To tell the truth from the time I could hold a rod I have been fishing.  It has always been a big part of my family life. We fish, we hunt, we ride horses, and we work. My Great Uncle would come get me two or three days a week during warm weather and we would go fish.  Mainly with live bait for crappie, and blue gills.  I developed an obsession for bass during this time,  I would catch a small bass and study it wonder what made them tic, and how to catch more of them.


3.  Where is my favorite fishing spot?  

I am not supposed to tell you that now am I?  I have to say I have fished a lot of different waters and in two different countries,  my favorite spot is really hard as it is dependent on time of year and what I am after.  That being said I live in Glasgow, KY I am within a two hour drive of KY lake, Old Hickory, Green River Lake, Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow , and Barren River Lake just to name a few and I love them all.  I will have to say I fish Barren and Cumberland the most.


4. Why polarized glasses?  

Well you can simply see what's under the water better.  You see what polarized glasses do is block the glare, or reflection off of the water allowing the angler to see under the surface. To me they are a must for everyday life.  They are great for driving or any outdoor activity you may be into.  Also you can see the parrot, as my sponsor Freddy Bellamy found out the hard way about. Only Freddy will get that but if you had only been there.


5. What do I love about Blobfish shades?

First and foremost they are a small business ran by real people that are easy to get a hold of if the need arises.  They conduct their business practices with ethics and fair practices.  I am truly honored to be a member of the team.  Secondly is the quality.  The glasses are light, dependable, good looking, and dependable. I was a die hard Oakley user until I tried Blobfish, now I am a total Blobfish. Lastly is the price point.  How can you beat such a great pair of glasses that absolutely do their job for under 30.00?



6.  What fish do I fish for most?  

As I said previously I am a bass guy.


7.  What are my other hobbies?  

I love to deer hunt.  I love to do anything outside.  I love baseball, and spending time with my family.  Working on our farm,  volunteering at church, playing music, but most of all if I am not in a tournament I am fishing somewhere.


8.  What other sponsors do I have?  

Thank God I have some great sponsors!  Freddie's Dugout,  Barren Outdoors,  Psycho Fishing Lures,  Snack Daddy Lures, and Dominator tungsten weights.



9.  Who would I like to give a shout out to?  

Well of course my Wife Krista, My Son, Lane, and my whole family.  Also I would like to thank and TN fishing reports for giving me a platform from which to write. Lastly and most importantly God for giving me all of the above and more.



10.  What kind of fish would I be?