Meet Doug Flynn!

Doug Flynn Image
Our interview with Pro team Fisherman, Doug Flynn
  1. What kind of fishing do I specialize in? Bass Fishing
  2. When was the first time I went fishing? I started young with my dad
  3. Favorite Fishing Spot? Guntersville lake
  4. Biggest Fish I ever caught? 10.4in largemouth bass, 6.3in smallmouth bass
  5. Why are polarized sunglasses necessary for fishing? They help with locating objects and fish beneath the water
  6. What do I love about BlobFish Shades? They are light, good-looking, inexpensive, and durable
  7. What species do I fish for the most? Bass
  8. Other hobbies besides fishing? Golfing
  9. What other Sponsors do I have? Powell Rods, Ardent Reels, D&L Jigs, Diet Mountain Dew, Central Bank, S&S Tire
  10. If I had to be one fish what would I be? A real old fish