Fall Presents Specific Reasons to Grab Your Best Fishing Sunglasses and Go Fishing

With summer fading into the sunset, fall is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy the day fishing at your favorite spots. Really, any time of year is a good time to go fishing, especially of you are into fishing as much as we are. But the fall presents specific reasons to grab your best fishing sunglasses and head to the lakes or rivers.

Perfect Conditions

Autumn provides the perfect conditions for fishing. The summertime can get too hot, the winter is too cold and spring weather is too unpredictable. Fall has brought a drop in temperatures, which makes you more comfortable and the fish more active. This means you spend more time catching fish and less time wiping sweat from your body in a vain attempt to stay dry.

Less Crowds

School is in session in the fall, which means kids are in classrooms studying, learning math and reading instead of playing at the lake or tubing down the river. This means there are times when you might even have the whole lake to yourself. Also, most people take their vacations in the summer and this is the time they go camping and fishing. So while you are pulling in trophy fish, most people are writing reports, taking important phone calls and wishing they were out fishing instead of working.

Just Because

We could tell you that fall fishing is the worst kind of fishing and it won't matter, you would still go fishing anyway. But really, fall is a great time to fish.