Grab Your Polarized Fishing Sunglasses, Your Fishing Gear and Head on Out

Let’s start off by saying that you really don’t need an excuse to spend a day fishing. Just grab your polarized fishing sunglasses, your fishing gear and head on out, it is as simple as that. But if for some reason you need to convince somebody that skipping out on clothes shopping to go fishing instead is a legitimate claim, then give them these reasons you need to go fishing instead.


Yes indeed, fishing is good exercise and everyone in your family knows you need to get more. Wading through water, hiking up and down the river, flinging flies or lures all day and reeling in big fish are all good ways to get that much-needed exercise. Not only are you losing weight while you fish, you are also improving your overall cardiovascular health. All you get going clothes shopping is a headache.


Fishing is an activity that settles the mind and calms you down. Being out on the lake or by the river is the therapy you need to forget about ringing cell phones, emails and shopping for clothes.


Yep, fishing is fun; who would have guessed? Having fun and enjoying yourself is a huge benefit. It seems as though it is harder and harder these days feeling happy about something and fishing sure does make you happy. Clothes shopping never makes you happy, not even close.

Fresh Caught Fish Tastes Better

If all else fails, tell your wife you need to go fishing because fresh caught fish would make a great dinner. You could even offer to cook them. Well, you could at least offer. You could also promise to take her shopping next weekend.

As you can plainly see, there are plenty of reason you should go fishing instead of shopping for clothes.